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Are you prepared for a power outage?


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Unfortunately most people are not. They rely on candles and blankets and hope the food in their fridge and freezer stays fresh.

Extreme weather, fallen trees, and many other unforeseen complications can interrupt the electrical service you and your family depend on to continue your daily activities. With an automatic standby generator from DirectPower Generators, when electricity is lost, day or night, you can be assured that your home will have all the comfort and convenience you depend on.

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As demand increases on an already overworked Hydro system, power outages will become more frequent and last longer. Our own provincial government predicts this in a recent publication.

At DirectPower Generators we have a generator to fit your backup needs, big or small. Whether you are on a budget and only need the essentials or you want a whole house solution we can help, and likely for a lot less than you think.


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Sign-up for a 5 year term service contract and receive a 5 year warranty (parts and labour) on all new 2008 Guardian (Generac) models.


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Save 5% off installed price until October 31, 2008.


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